We started by setting up an offset printing unit in 2002 when two double-colour German-made ultra-modern and world famous Heidelberg machine was installed. Gradually two more machines, one for four-colour and another for five-colour printing were added. The capacity of the machines upto 150,000 sheets a day. Initially we had four holographic machines for sheet-to-sheet and...    

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Unique Technique Begins At The Shelf.
Duplicates of branded or original products of large reputed companies thrown into the market by unauthorized manufactures not only eat into the revenues of those business houses but also affect their image as the imitated products are unable to hold on to quality. The general buyers start blaming the big companies, thinking they themselves have brought down the quality. In order to check the malpractice of counterfeiting, a maiden effort has been made by us to evolve a unique technique to print labels and mono cartons.

The method involves fusion of a photographic representation of a picture giving a three dimensional effect, when suitably lit, with the paper to print labels or mono cartons. This greatly helps in retaining and guarding the originality of a product which can be instantly identified through holographic prints.


Some of the services offered are:
Picture Scanning
Content Designing
Concept & Contract Proofing
Archiving & Picture Editing


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Holographic Mono Cartons:
Holographic Mono cartonsPackaging utilization is very high in a consumer driven market like India. Besides consumer goods pharmaceuticals, IT, telecom etc also require large volumes of mono-cartons...  Read More

E- Fluted Cartons:
E- Fluted cartonsE- Flute Cartons are totally in these days. They enhance the product life by providing rigid strength to the product and not adding to the weight. They can be customized accordingly to product and its Branding. We can make up to six colour....  Read More

Holographic Paper Labels:
Holographic Paper LabelsHolographic labels can provide both aesthetic looks and security in a single label. We can provide very cost effective solutions to easily allow users to incorporate a variety of information and security features features (UV ink ...  Read More

All kind of UV Printing
UV PrintingExtremely high gloss UV, or ultraviolet, coatings offer more protection than either varnish or aqueous coatings. UV coatings are applied inline by printers or, more frequently, offline by printers, finishers or ....  Read More

Book, Magazine & Catalog Printing:
Holographic Mono cartonsShort-runs are printed on our sheet-fed presses, while large runs are converted on our web-presses. We specialize in perfect-bound, section sewn/cover drawn and hard case books. We guarantee highest standards of production with an extensive understanding of international best practices. We welcome large repeat jobs as also ...  Read More

Holographic Scratchable Coupons:
E- Fluted cartonsFor the time in India we have added a new dimension to scratch-able holography that has no parallel. A holographic print on a coupon can now be scratched partially with the rest keeping its original form. The portion which remains intact conclusively proves the authenticity of the coupon, thus precluding the possibility of deception...  Read More

Polyester Pouches:
Holographic Paper LabelsThe Polyester Pouch Printing & BOPP Pouch Printing Services are widely availed by industries engaged in packaging of Tea, Biscuits, Gutka, Chana Chur, Sweets, Atta etc. The print is of sharp and clear nature with a smooth glossy finish which appeals to the eyes Moreover, customers are facilitated ...  Read More


What's New

Innovation in Printing of Labels, Mono cartons

Duplicates of branded or original products of large reputed companies thrown into the market by unauthorized manufacturers.

Innovation in Printing of Labels, Mono cartons.

New Dimension to Scratchable holography

Duplicates of branded or original products of large reputed companies thrown into the market by unauthorized manufacturers