About US

Our Vision

RDA PRINT PACK is a business corporation

  • Every product that Printpack designs and produces addresses a real world marketplace challenge for our
  • committed to the concept of competition as the fairest way for the buyer and seller to deal with each other
  • which believes that fundamental honesty and an active adherence to high moral and ethical standards is central to its business purpose and philosophy


High-tech Machines Ensure Quality

We started by setting up an offset printing unit in 2002 when two double-color German-made ultra-modern and world famous Heidelberg machine was installed. Gradually two more machines, one for four-color and another for five-color printing were added. The capacity of the machines is 150,000 sheets a day. Initially we had four holographic machines for sheet-to-sheet and two another for roll-to-roll holography, but the number has now gone up to five and three respectively. The four machines capable of merging holograms into the paper are also imported and three are very few of these in India.

In order to ensure a high degree of accuracy we have acquired two Polar machines which can cut labels with the 1/10th part of mm on high-speed applicators.

The acquisition of the latest automatic machines, including those for die-cutting, lamination, Thermal Lamination, online varnish and UV coating in quick succession within a short space of eleven years is testimony to our rapid progress and popularity. 

The increasing volume of work resulting from growing clientele proves beyond doubt that we remain focused on achieving perfection while printing labels or manufacturing mono cartons with security features.


Whats new


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