Holographic Paper Labels

Our technique to make labels by bending the hologram into the paper ensures the hologram cannot be separated from it. The technique invests us with the ability to print labels containing minute coded identification features in subtle forms and characters placed in unsuspected areas of the hologram where they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Also, the effect of a single picture or any other identity code representing dual shapes or characteristics can be created. The labels are designed to unravel the truth whether a product is original or fake. The whole process acts as deterrence to imitation of genuine products. The counterfeits are incapable of making such labels because it requires costly sophisticated imported machines in which they would not like to invest for obvious reasons.

Holographic labels can provide both aesthetic looks and security in a single label. We can provide very cost effective solutions to easily allow users to incorporate a variety of information and security features in the holographic label. 

Recommended for: For all kinds of Label Application etc.



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